School of Government (SOG) at Universiti Utara Malaysia is the premier Public Management and Development Management program in Malaysia.

Our mission is to train prospective students from across the world to become public and private managers who can generate innovative ideas to solve challenging problems in government and private sector.

At SOG, we emphasize a multidisciplinary approach to teaching. We commonly apply real case studies to enhance theoretical knowledge in social science, management, public policy, governance, development, economy and finance, and technology courses.

SOG has become among the outstanding leaders in educating and empowering individuals committed in advancing the public interest. Our academic staffs are trained in advanced teaching and learning methodologies from various areas of expertise.

We continuously expose our students to real-world issues that allow them to develop critical skills for solving complex problems. We nurture them to think critically and analytically about public service and the impact of government policies on our community, nation as well as the world. We aspire that our graduates will strive to bring about changes in their organizations, community, and the nation.

With our consistent focus on employability and commitment to student-centered learning, many of our graduates have attained leadership and managerial positions in government, non-governmental and private agencies.


To become a renowned center of excellence in the field of public management and development management


To realize the charter and philosophy of the college as the center for academic excellence which produces human capability that uphold moral values.

  • Lead the dissemination of knowledge through research in the field of public management and development management.


  • Promote & sustain the teaching and learning in the field mentioned above at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.


  • Disseminate at the latest knowledge through publications, research and knowledge-generation activities.


In shaping the Vision of Universiti Utara Malaysia as the Eminent Management University, we at School of Government (SoG) with full determination and resolve, vow to fulfill the rights of our clients as follow.


For the Student

To provide quality education with state of the art technologies in order to fortify self-respect by integrating eastern culture with the values of globalization.


For the Staff

  • To ensure equal treatment in education programs to all individuals without regard to ethnicity, gender, religion, physical conditions, nationality, and political affiliation.
  • To strive to provide quality, efficient and responsive services to our customers.

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